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** update 2017-10-09 **

Added proper linux and windows builds and a screenshot  for your convenience. No code or resources have changed. Unpack and run magnaquard.bat/sh script.

** update 2017-10-11 **

Added a OSX build. It was hard. Hope it works. Unpack and launch magnaquard.sh.


Although it's not really obvious, your robot runs along the Moebius strip-shaped space station. Leave marks and read them later by running into them to get a power up. To win (or better to say, to not to loose), shoot aliens and not get shot by aliens too much. At the top of the screen there's damage bar on the left and energy bar on the right. When the energy bar is full, press space and LEAVE A MARK.


  • space to (re)start
  • WASD keys to move
  • mouse to aim and shoot
  • space to leave a mark



See readme file


magnaquard_windows.zip 23 MB
magnaquard_osx.zip 24 MB
magnaquard_linux.tar.gz 25 MB

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