How to play

A core picks the first color it touches. Colored core absorbs same colored tokens, and gets damaged by others. Click it (or press Z, or Space key) to clear it again.

Shoot by clicking anywhere outside the core. Hit tokens of the same color as the core to get the points. Shoot a few without hitting wrong ones or being hit to increase the score multiplier. Hitting tokens of different color results in losing points, but might be worth it to keep the current color.

The game was originally made for 48 Secret Jam - May 2018.

Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Arcade, circles, Minimalist
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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Its an interesting idea! Though I didnt grasp it why I am always losing my points xD.

I like it, really nice design and it works as a game! Impressive work for 48h