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Is the source code still around? I'd like to see how to program on this fantasy system.

Hey it's available from the .tic cart in the downloads section. Open it in the program, press `Esc` > `Exit to TIC-80`. Web version works too but it doesn't save changes.

The "push blocks" style of puzzle game isn't too original but introducing stealth is interesting. I like how well the blocks and avoiding enemies sight goes together.

Visually, there's something very charming about this game. In so few pixels you get such a strong feeling for the world which is pretty impressive. 

My first issue is that inherently pushing blocks can become quite tedious and that is noticeable here. I think this is because it requires a lot of steps and busy work to actually complete the puzzle. This isn't helped by the fact that the puzzles themselves are generally quite easy. Granted, I didn't finish the game, the tedious side of it began to weight on me, so perhaps the game has some more interesting puzzles later but it felt as though the ramp in difficulty was quite slow once guards were introduced. 

My second issue is a lot more minor and something that doesn't get in the way too much but is never the less questionable. The text. The text doesn't really add anything, a lot of it is rather bland statements, lacking any sort of character or intrigue which is a little disappointing when visually the game is so charming. This is really nitpicky now but I also think it doesn't help calling them "enemies". If it were a rather context-less combat oriented game I could see the term working, but when there's a proper context established I feel something more characterizing could have worked. Oddly, the description seems to handle this a lot better than the game itself.

Nitpicks aside, whilst it begins to become tedious in part due to the lack of challenge, there's a lot of charm to the game and I never felt any levels were badly designed, just a little lacking. There are some clever twists on the block pushing trope which makes the game fresh enough to be worth playing. I guess the best way to put it is that the game is good but a little thinly spread.I hope this feedback can help in someway.


Thank for taking your time to write this! I agree on most points, especially block pushing. This game is still affected by choices made during the jam in lack of time or a plan. Strangely, comments on difficulty now are the opposite of what the early version received, even though most of its levels made  it into the current build. Guess it was related to the learning curve rather than puzzles. Anyway, thanks a lot for the feeedback.

this is really cute and also i'm really shit at it? i literally cannot get past the first level but i'm also really bad at games so. cute art, interesting game. mildly concerned why i'm not allowed to grow cauliflower.

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Nope, I messed up. A lot of people said the same about the difficulty on the LD page. One level was broken too, now it's fixed. I've recorded a walkthrough: [edit: there's only LD levels], maybe it can help.

Could you add your submission link? I can't find it on LDJam :(

Good idea.